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As a choreographer for Kabuki, he was allowed to teach at the "SoukeFujimaryu", which has a history of more than 300 years, and Kabuki dance (work). We are practicing for masses.
Returnee children, actor celebrities, children, male groups and so on, are widely used by their own habits and hobbies.
Anyone please feel free to contact us.

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SoukeFujimaryu master
Fujima Kanhiroyuki

Have you always wanted to try, but not have the time well. Learn to dance.
About Japanese Dancing
There are two main types of Japanese dancing: mai and odori. Mai is a more static form associated with noh and odori a more dynamic form related to kabuki.
Presently Odori is by far the more popular, so much so that when people refer to Japanese dancing today, they almost always mean kabuki.
We have two types of lessons, group lesson and private lesson.


初めまして、 日本舞踊は着物を着れるようになり、また着た際の美しい所作を身に着けることができます。
そして、上半身まっ直ぐにし中腰の姿勢が基本ですのでハードである反面 激しい動きは少ないので年を重ねても続けられ体力も養えます。

●宗家藤間流 藤間勘洋雪 プロフィール



Higashimukoujima Shool
  ●Monday day and night
    reservation system
  ●Thursday Day and Night
    Group 13:30-
    Personal 14:30-21:00


Syougai gakusyuu center & Syakai kyouiku center
    Men's Class 18:15-
    Personal 19:00-21:00
    Children Class 9:30-
    Men's Class 10:15-
    Personal 11:00-


Tsukiji syakai kyouiku kaikan &
Nihonbashi syakai kyouiku kaikan
    Group 19:15-
    Personal 20:00-21:00

Monthly membership fee (common to rehearsals, Tax not included )

 ·Group 6,700 yen per 3 times a month
 ·Children Class 1,700 yen per 1 times a month -
    2 times: 6,700 yen
    3 times: 10,000 yen
    4 times: 13.000 yen
     note : Each sundry 300 yen

Admission fee fee (common to rehearsals, Tax not included )

 ·Group 3,000 yen
 ·Children Class 3,000 yen
 ·Personal 10,000 yen
    Benefits !
      From the homepage or those who are referring are half of membership fee


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